Sow Fresh Market Garden CSA was established in 2015.  In 2010 Ghub and I took the plunge and moved to the country. Being new to this kind of lifestyle, it didn’t take long to start discovering the vast differences between the fast and harried life in the city and the much slower, quieter and fresher life in the country.  We love it and in spite of the new and daunting obstacles we’ve encountered, we have no regrets.

Our farm is 160 acres of grass pasture and mixed forests in the Entwistle, Alberta area.  We use our forests to hike and explore and gather wood, the pastures feed local horses, wild deer and coyote and the 1 acre plot next to the house is where we grow the vegetables.  We have two smaller plots inside the house yard which is where it all began.

This year, 2017, I’ll be adding a number of herbs and flowers to be included in the CSA.  I’d like to see the number of varieties grown to include edible flowers and medicinal herbs.  But I’m not going to stop there.  I’ll be raising a small flock of chickens for eggs this year as well.  And next year will see the addition of meat birds and other animals for meat and dairy.  One step at time though, right?

Our vegetables are grown using biointensive methods, and even though we’re not certified organic, we follow organic and natural growing process. No chemical or synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers here.  We control pests and weeds and maintain soil health by using organic compost, green manure, beneficial insects, cover crops and a variety of other organic or natural methods and products.


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