CSACommunity Supported Agriculture – a community of people that support the farmer and share the crop that they produce.

As a member of Sow Fresh Market Garden, you buy a Share of the vegetable crop pre-season allowing the farmer to purchase supplies and seeds, tools and equipment and to plan the crops for the year.  When the harvests begin you visit the pick up location to gather your Share loaded with fresh, delicious and nutritious veggies.  There will be a pick up location in Drayton Valley and Entwistle, Alberta.

Owning a share in the CSA gives you the opportunity to support the people who are growing your food, know where your food is coming from, and helps to build a stronger relationship with your food and nutritional health.  Each member, along side the farmer, will share in both the risks and the rewards that farming has to offer.

Our culture methods are All Natural – free of chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers.

At Sow Fresh Market Garden we grow a wide variety of heirloom and open pollinated vegetables and herbs using non GMO seeds and organic seeds where available.  The produce is delivered to the pick up location within 24-48 hours of harvest, washed and chilled and ready to be rinsed and enjoyed by you.

Share – what’s in it and what is the cost?

A Big Share is loaded with 6-8 different items of peak season veggies in the early and late weeks and 8-12 items in mid season — great for families or veggie loving couples.

A Big Share is $450.

A Small Share is packed with 3-5 different items of peak season veggies in the early and late weeks and 5-7 items in mid season — great for couples or veggie loving individuals.

A Small Share is $250

Because of our short growing season, the amount of veggies in each share will be smaller in the early weeks and again in the final weeks of the season.  The summer weeks will see the shares bags overflowing with goodness.

Your Share Box will also include fresh herbs and flowers as they come available.

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  1. Hi Naomi,

    Thanks for your question…it’s a good one.

    The market value of those 12 veggies is about $45 and the value of the early and late weeks is about $20. The average value of the 12 weeks in the season is 37.50 which adds up to $450.

    You’ll get a generous amount of each type. For example both peas and beans are 1lb bags, carrots and beets are about 2.5lbs, and the salad bags are about 350g.
    Individual items like broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage and lettuce are given per item (unless they are small, then you’ll get two or more.)

    A few of our members last year were saying they had a hard time using up everything in the share.

    We also have a Small Share which will have a bit more than half the amount of veggies as the Big Share.

    I hope I’ve answered your question, but feel free to shoot me more…


  2. Hello
    I am interested to see what you would beable to provide me , for my produce boxes I provide in lloydmibster . I usually order from BC every 2 weeks , but come summer time I like to by as locally as possible to replace my organic produce for my customers and cafe .

    Pure N Simple Market & cafe


  3. Wow. I missed this! I know we started to try to get something going last year but it didn’t get followed through.
    I would really like to be a supplier for you. I’m working on supplying to two restaurants in my area as well.
    This year I am building an online store that you could order from. I just need to sort through the delivery details.
    Do you or will you have other suppliers near Edmonton? We might be able to coordinate delivery efforts.
    Thanks for thinking of us!

    My number is 780-717-3573



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